Important Facts

Your car is a large investment.  When you’ve had an accident, having your car repaired properly should be a priority.  Determining which shop to use entails some due diligence.  Here are some important facts to consider when deciding which shop to use:

  1. Some insurance companies may want you to visit their drive-in claims center before having your car repaired.  You can do this, or you may leave your car at our at our shop and ask that the insurance company inspect the car here.
  2. There is no law requiring you to obtain more than one estimate or appraisal.
  3. Beware of any body shop that contacts you saying that they are your insurance company representative, they will save you your deductible, or any such nonsense.  Some body shops  buy the police report and use this information to misrepresent who they are and inevitably what they can do.
  4. You have the right to go to the repair shop of your choice.  Your insurance company cannot require you to go to a particular shop.
  5. Regardless of where you have your car repaired, the warranty on the work is the responsibility of the shop that repaired the car.  The insurance company does not warranty the work.  It’s important to choose carefully.
  6. All body shops offer a lifetime warranty.  However, this warranty is only good for the time that you own the car.  Import Paint and Body is the only shop that offers a lifetime, transferrable warranty.  Any repairs done to your vehicle are covered for as long as this vehicle is on the road, regardless of ownership.